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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. Object and scope of application

  • The company Rue de Garennes sprl has a registered office at rue de l'église 96, 1150 Bruxelles Belgium, and registered with the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises under number 0810486666, trades on its website (the Website) various fashion items, fashion accessories, clothing from his commercial partners (the Products and Productmeans any of these Products individually).

  • This page (including any documentation referring to it) contains the terms and conditions of sales (the Terms and Conditions) governing the use of the Website and the rules according to which the Seller trades the Products.

  • The Client (as defined below) is invited to read carefully these Terms and Conditions prior to ordering on the Website. Any order of a Product (the Order) requires the prior consultation, reading and review, as well as the express approval of the Terms and Conditions by the Client. By ordering a Product, the latter agrees to be legally bound par these Terms and Conditions, it being understood that this agreement does not require a handwritten signature of the Client. Validating an order form constitutes an electronic signature, in accordance with the provisions of the law of 9 July 2001 determining certain rules concerning the legal framework of electronic signatures and certification services.

  • By placing an Order on the Website, the Client represents and warrants that (s)he has the full legal capacity to do so. These Terms and Conditions apply to Clients on an exclusive basis, that is non-merchant individuals. The Terms and Conditions are and remain enforceable towards the Client who took knowledge of the latter in another language than his/her mother tongue. The Terms and Conditions are available in French and in English, it being understand that the French version shall prevail.

  1. Definitions

2.1          In these Terms and Conditions:

Benelux means Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg;

Client means any adult individual acting as a consumer, outside the framework of his/her professional or trade activity, placing an Order on the Website;

Company has the meaning given to it in clause 1.1;

Delivery has the meaning given to it in clause 7.1;

Delivery Address has the meaning given to it in clause 7.1;

Discount Code has the meaning given to it in clause 3bis.1;

Event of Force Majeure means any unforseeable and compelling event or circumstance, beyond the Seller’s control, delaying the performance by the Seller of, or making it impossible for the Seller to fulfill, its obligations under the Terms and Conditions, including inter alia and without limitation, any manufacturing interruptions, supply impediments or shortage of raw materials, workforce or energy, or any delays in transport, strikes, lock-outs, work interruptions or any other collective labour disputes, affecting the Seller and/or its suppliers, any civil unrest, riot, rebellion, invasion, terrorist attacks or threat of terrorist attacks, wars (declared or not), or threats or preparations of war, or any legislation, regulations, acts, decrees or restrictions from any governemental, parliamentary or judicial authority, or any other event of force majeure as defined by case law;

Gift Card has the meaning given to it in clause 3bis.1;

Order has the meaning given to it in clause 1.3; 

Order Confirmation has the meaning given to it in clause 5.3;

Parties means the Client and the Seller and Party means any of the Parties individually;

Product(s) has the meaning given to it in clause 1.1;

Seller has the meaning given to it in clause 1.1; 

Shipment Confirmation has the meaning given to it in clause 5.4;

Showroom means the showroom of the Seller located at rue de l'église 96, 1150 Brussels, Belgium;

Terms and Conditions has the meaning given to it in clause 1.2; and

Website has the meaning given to it in clause 1.1;

2.2          References to clauses are to clauses of these Terms and Conditions. Headings are for ease of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation and structure of the Terms and Conditions.  Words imparting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa. References to includes, including or like words or expressions shall mean without limitation.

  1. Description and Product availability 

3.1          Products offered to sale are those featured on the Website, with a description of their main characteristics, at the time and day of the consultation of the Website by the Client, and while stocks last. The descriptive caption for each Product is written on the basis of the information communicated by the supplier et is accompanied by one or several photograph(s). These information allows the Client to know the main characteristics of the Product prior placing an Order. The photographs and descriptions, whether communicated by suppliers or directly added by the Seller, may nonetheless not ensure a perfect similarity with the Product offered to sale, and in particular with respect to sizes, fabrics and colours. Information provided is intended only for indicative purposes. In these circumstances, the Seller’s liability may not be engaged. The same goes for any possible changes decided by the manufacturers, of which the Seller was not informed. The Seller undertakes to make all best efforts to rectify any mistakes or omissions as soon as possible upon being made aware or informed o such mistakes or omissions.

3.2          The Products are available on the Website subject to stock availability and the Client is informed of this availability directly on the Website. The Seller shall do its best efforts to display Products’ availability in real time on the Website but may not be held liable in the event any such Product is no longer available and the Seller is not able to honour the Client’s Order. In this instance, the Seller will promptly inform the Client, offering the possibility to change or cancel his/her Order. In case of Order’s cancellation and if the payment for such Order has already been made, the Client shall be reimbursed of the amount of his/her Order, in accordance with applicable law.

3.2          The Seller reserves the right to remove from sale and from the Website any Product and/or to amend, modify or replace any document or content featured on the Website, at any time. In these circumstances, the Seller does not accept any liability towards the Client and any other person following this decision, whether the Product at stake is sold or not.

3bis. Gift Cards and Discount Codes

3bis.1     Gift cards (Gift Cards) and discount codes (Discount Codes), are subject to the following terms and conditions.

3bis.2     Gift Cards/Discount Codes are materialised by a code or coupon to indicate at the time of validating the Order. They are sent by e-mail to the recipient when the Order is proceeded with and the payment is made.

3bis.3     Unless otherwise stated, several Gift Cards/Discount Codes can be used for one same Order. In no event, they can be converted into cash. Coupons issued come with an expiration date that cannot be modified. No new coupons can be issued or allocated to a Client as a replacement of a gift card or discount code of which the expiration has come to an end and has not be used. The Seller is not liable for the transfer of a Gift Card/Discount Code to an incorrect or inexistent email address. This is the liability of the Client. The Seller is not liable if a Gift Card/Discount Code is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without his/her authorisation. The Seller has the right to cancel any Gift Card/Discount Code if it deems such action necessary.  Delivery costs and taxes are applicable to all Products ordered with a Gift Card/Discount Code.

3bis.4     Unless stated otherwise, if the amount of the Order exceeds the amount of the Gift Card/Discount Code, the Client may select the payment method of his/her choice to cover the extra amount remaining to be paid. If the amount of the Gift Card/Discount Code is higher than the amount of the Order, the Client may use the same code for his/her next Order. The remaining amount will be available until all the credit on it is used or until the expiration of the Gift Card/Discount Code.

3bis.5     The Client cannot in any circumstances ask the Seller to deduct from an Order already confirmed and paid the value of a Gift Card/Discount Code of which the code would not have been specified nor selected upon confirming the Order. The same applies in case the code is invalid.

  1. Pricing

4.1          The price of each Product is showed in euros, all taxes included (i.e., value added tax and any other possible applicable taxes at the time of the Order, excluding custom duties or import taxes), but excluding delivery costs, and packaging costs for any possible gifts, which are indicated on a separate basis.

4.2          The Seller has the right to modify the price of each Product at any time, as well as the amount of the delivery costs and packaging costs for possible gifts. The pricing conditions then applicable are those in effect on the Website at the time of the Order by the Client.

4.4          Any Order placed on the Website and shipped outside from Belgium can be subject to customs duties or import taxes. These costs relating to the delivery are payable by, and the liability of, the Client. The Seller is not required to inform the Client about the customs duties or import taxes applicable in the place of delivery. For any additional information on the amount of such customs duties and import taxes applicable in the place of delivery, the Seller invites the Client to liaise with the local customs office.

  1. Order modalities

5.1          To place an Order, the Client must fill in the order form made available on the Website, on which (s)he shall in particular mention the information required to his/her identification and notably, his/her name, first name, billing address and delivery address. Upon the registration of personal data, the Client undertakes to ensure the accuracy of the provided data. In case of any mistakes or omissions in the wording of the details provided by the Client, the Seller shall not be held liable of the consequences for the communication of incorrect or missing information, including but not limited to the impossibility to deliver the Products ordered.

5.2          After filling in the order form, the Client is invited to finalise the Order process by clicking on “Place the order”. By doing so, the Client acknowledges that (s)he agrees fully and without reservation to the Terms and Conditions in their entirety, confirms definitively his/her Order and undertakes to pay the total amount due, that is the purchase price, increased by the costs and decreased, as the case may be, of the any possible credit vouchers.

5.3          The Seller confirms each Order by sending an email to the Client at the email address communicated by the latter upon his/her registration (the Order Confirmation). This Order Confirmation shall mention among other things the date of the Order, the ordered Product, its purchase price, increased by any applicable costs and the delivery modalities. The data recorded by the Seller and the Order Confirmation are evidence of the contract entered into between the Client and the Seller.

5.4          The Seller draws the attention of the Client on the fact that no contract shall be entered into with the Client as long as the Order is not confirmed by the Seller. Any Order is subject to the Seller’s approval and email confirmation to the Client (the Shipment Confirmation).

  1. Payment

6.1          The payment of the total price is made upon ordering on the Website.

6.2          The payment of any Order is made on the Website by credit or debit card (VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard, Carte Bleue/Bancontact or any other bank card certified by the CB Bank Card Group). Upon confirming the Order, the Client specifies the name as indicated on the credit or debit card, the card’s number, the expiry date (and the CVV number in the case of a VISA and/or Mastercard). Certain banking organisations may require an additional signature using a digipass or card reader.

6.3          To proceed with payment, the Client shall ensure that (s)he is legally entitled to use the chosen payment method. By clicking “Checkoutt”, the Client confirms and acknowledges that (s)he is so entitled. In the event that the process is not validated and authorised by the relevant banking organisation, the Seller shall not accept any liability in case of any delay or the non delivery, as the case may be, of the Order. The Seller shall have the right to refuse or cancel any Order or delivery of a Client with whom the Company shall have had a dispute relating to partial or full non payment of a previous Order or in case of payment authorisation is rejected for payment by credit or debit card by the relevant banking organisation. Financial data provided during the payment process are coded to limit any risk of unauthorised access.

6.4          Debit of bank card (via, as the case may be, the Client’s Paypal account) is performed at the time of the Order Confirmation.

  1. Delivery and Product receipt

7.1          The Products ordered by the Client are delivered with the delivery note at the address stated (the Delivery Address) by the Client at the time of the Order (the Delivery). For stock availability reasons, Delivery of an Order may, as the case may be, split into one or more deliveries.

7.2          The Seller delivers worldwide. Deliveries are taken care of by bpost in Belgium and bpost International for other jurisdictions, or any other carrier chosen by the Seller.

7.3          Three delivery options are made available to the Client by the Seller:

  • Delivery at an address specified by the Client;

  • Delivery via at a delivery point from bpost (in Belgium only)

    For any information of the delivery fees, the Client is invited to consult the page “Delivery & Return” on the Website.

7.4          For Deliveries in metropolitan France and in the Benelux, the Seller shall use its best efforts to dispatch the Order to the Delivery Address within four business days following the confirmation of the Order and reception of payment. The carrier comes to the Delivery Address between 8 AM and 6 PM, on business days, and delivers the parcel(s) to the addressee or to any other present person at the Delivery Address. In case of absence at the time of Delivery, the carrier will leave a delivery notice at the Delivery Address and the Client shall then liaise with the carrier to agree either on a new delivery date to the same address, either on a collection by the Client at the closest post office. Failure to do so within 15 days as from the date of the delivery notice left by the carrier or in case of absence of the addressed upon the second attempt of Delivery, the Order is automatically returned to the Seller, who shall liaise with the Client to agree on a new time of Delivery. In this instance, any additional costs of delivery will be invoiced to the Client.

7.5          For Deliveries outside from metropolitan France and the Benelux, the Seller shall use its best efforts to dispatch the Order to the Delivery Address within four business days following the confirmation of the Order and reception of payment. The delivery modalities will be specific to the postal services of the relevant jurisdiction.

7.6          In the instance of a delay of Delivery exceeding seven days compared to the estimated delivery date, the Client is invited to liaise with the Seller in order for the latter to request the carrier to investigate the matter. An investigation may take from one to three weeks as from the notice of the incident. If the investigation shows the parcel was lost by the carrier, a replacement Product shall be sent to the Client at the Seller’s costs if this Product is still available. In case the Product is not available anymore, the Client shall be reimbursed of the amount of his/her Order. The exchange or reimbursement of the Order shall only be performed after the closure of the investigation initiated by the carrier. The Seller shall not be responsible for the extended time of Delivery due to the carrier, in particular in case of Product loss or strike.

7.7          In the event of a Showroom pick-up, the Client receives an email of confirmation inviting him/her to pick up his/her Order at the Showroom during the pick-up opening hours. These opening hours are specified on the Website in the page “Delivery & Return”. The Order is available for pick-up during 14 days following the sending of the email to the Client. In case the Client is not able to pick-up the Order or did not pick-up the order within that timeframe, the Client is invited to liaise with the Seller per email ( or by telephone (+32(0)477313427) to agree or a new pick-up date or the delivery of the Order via postal services.

7.8          Any wrong Delivery Address is the liability of the Client and can result in additional costs. The time of delivery are not binding and are only given for indicative purposes. In any event, no delays in the Delivery shall result in the cancellation of the Order or payment of damages to the benefit of the Client.

7.9          The risks transfer to the Client as from the time of Delivery. The property of the Products shall be transferred to the Client at the time of the receipt of the full payment of the amounts due by the Client in relation the Products ordered on the Website, including as the case may be the delivery costs, or as from the time of Delivery if the latter occurs at the later stage. Evidence of this transfer of risks shall be materialised by the control system used by the carrier. It is the Client’s responsibility to verify the shipment upon arrival and formulate any reserves and claims that would appear justified, or even to refuse delivery of the parcel if the latter is likely to have been opened or if it shows patent signs of deterioration. Such reserves and claims relating to the Delivery shall directly be addressed to the Seller, by email, within three business days of the Delivery and in accordance with the conditions required under clause 7.8 of these Terms and Conditions.

7.10        In case of the Client notices any apparent defect or the non-compliance of the delivered Product, the Client shall prior and in within maximum three business days from the receipt of Delivery, contact the Seller by email to the following address: The Client will state the Product’s details therein, with a description of the claimed patent defect or non-compliance. The Seller draws the attention of the Client on the fact that no claim shall be accepted and no return or exchange shall be possible if the latter fails to observe the conditions set in this clause 7.8.  The Client shall then return the Product to the Seller, it being understood that the Product shall be returned in its original packaging, in a perfect state (not damaged nor dirty). After review, the Seller shall inform the Client by email of his/her right of replacement or reimbursement. In case the Seller notices an apparent defect or the non-compliance of the Product, the replacement or reimbursement will occur as soon as possible and in any instance within 15 days from the confirmation by the Seller of the Client’s right to a replacement or reimbursement.

  1. Revocation rights and modalities of return

8.1          The Client has the right to inform the Seller, within 14 calendar as from the day following the day of Delivery of the Product, that they wish to exercise their right to revoke without being liable to pay any damages on that account and without having to give any reasons.

8.2          Should the Client notify the Seller of their intention to revoke their Order, they shall do so within this 14 calendar delay. The exercise of this right of revocation shall have to be communicated within this delay at the following email: Only return requests addressed to this email are taken into account by the Seller. The practical modalities of the return process are further detailed in the return note inserted in the delivered parcel and also available for download on the Website in the page “Delivery & Return”.

8.3          The Product being the object of the revocation must be returned as new, in its original packaging, in perfect state and together with the original invoice (of which the Client keeps a copy), as well as with the completed return form. Any return for which the sender is not identified will be rejected.

8.4          The Client must proceed with the return of the Order within 7 days from the reception of the return voucher by email.

8.5          Subject to the perfect state of the Product being returned, the purchase shall be refunded within 14 calendar days following the receipt of the parcel so returned to the Seller, provided all conditions as specified in these Terms and Conditions have been strictly complied with. Under no circumstances can the amount refunded ever exceed what the Client actually paid.

8.6          In the case of a Showroom pick-up, the right of the Client to revoke the Order as specified in clause 8.1 consists only in an exchange of Product(s), excluding any refund option. In the case of a sale event (such as “pop-up sales”), organised by the Seller at the Showroom or any other location of its choice, or in the case of Orders made directly in the Showroom with immediate pick-up, the right of the Client to revoke the Order as specified in article 8.1 consists only in an exchange of Products), excluding any refund option.

8.7          The return of the Product for which the Client exercises its revocation right is payed by the client himself. 

8.8          Refunds made pursuant to this Clause 8 shall be made as follows:

  • If the Client has paid for their Order by credit card, a credit will be granted on the credit card used by the Client to pay the purchase price of the returned Products, after having examined the said Products, less the sums due (such as the delivery and/or return costs) or the sale vouchers or discounts used to pay for the Order. The Client will be refunded in accordance with the procedures agreed with the bank which issued the card.

  • If the Client paid for their Order by some other form of payment, the refund will be made by being credited to the bank account number they stated on the return form.

8.9          The Client is informed that the right to revoke does not apply to personalised Products and/or made, as the case may be, to measure.

  1. Privacy policy and protection of personal data

9.1          The Seller collects personal data relating to Clients, provided by them on the Website or by email. It commits not to disclose these data to third parties. These data are confidential and shall only be used internally for processing the Orders, to enhance and personalise the communication, in particular by information letters or emails, as well as for personalisation of the Website according to Clients’ recorded preferences, or for solvency follow-ups.

9.2          The Seller therefore does not sell, commercialise or rent to third parties its Clients’ information. In case of assignment or use by third parties of the personal data, the Seller undertakes to inform the Client in order to allow him to exercise his opposition right. The Seller may also provide consolidated statistics concerning its Clients, sales, exchange structures and Website information to trustworthy third parties but these statistics shall not contain any personal data. This clause 9 shall however not prevent or limit the assignment or business transfer to third parties.

  1. Intellectual property

All the elements of the Website, whether visual or acoustic, including the underlying technology, are the exclusive property of the Seller and are in this capacity protected under the laws and regulations applicable to intellectual property. Any content (texts, photographs, visuals, logos, sound effects, etc.) or technology reproduction, whether in full or in part, is strictly forbidden, unless prior written approval is given by the Seller. In any event, any link directing to this Website shall have to be removed, as the case may be, at the Seller’s simple request.

  1. Liability and events of force majeure

11.1        The Seller shall in no event be held liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting for the use or unavailability of the Website. The Seller shall in addition not be responsible for any possible damages to the Client’s systems due to the visit of the Website, such as, without limitation, the presence of external Trojans or IT viruses.

11.2        The Seller shall not be held liable in case of impossibility to deliver the Order caused by stock depletion or for a reason beyond its control, including an Event of Force Majeure. If an Event of Force Majeure occurs, the Seller shall inform the Client within six business days following the occurrence or threat of such event. Parties agree that they shall concert as soon as possible to agree on thr performance modalities of the relevant Order while the Event of Force Majeure lasts. In the instance that the Event of Force Majeure last without interruption more than one month, the Order shall be considered as null and void, it being understood that the Seller shall refund the Client as the case may be of the payment of the Order.

  1. Severance 

If one or more provisions of the Terms and Conditions are held invalid or unenforceable by judgment or decision of a competent authority, this judgement or decision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the existing contract between the Parties resulting from the order placing by the Client.

  1. Entire agreement

These Terms and Conditions and any document referring to them, including the summary of the Order communicated to the Client, constitute the entire agreement entered into between the Seller and the Client and supersedes all prior communications all prior communications, contracts, or agreements between the Parties. In case of contradiction between the Terms and Conditions and possible documents referring to them, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

  1. Governing law and jurisdiction

14.1        These Terms and Conditions, together with any Order for the purchase of Products processed via the Website, shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of Belgian.

14.2        Any dispute arising out or in connection with the Terms and Conditions shall be submitted exclusively to the competent Belgian courts, in application of general statutory rules.


Ruedegarennes delivers worldwide!

You are ready to order on our website or have just confirmed your order and you have a few questions regarding our delivery and return policy? Then, all the information you need to know is down below!

For any additional information on the delivery and return policy, we invite you to read our terms and conditions. You may also contact us directly for any of your queries, by sending an email to ! We’ll be most pleased to assist you.


We offer you three delivery options:

  • Delivery at the address of your choice;

  • Delivery at a delivery point of bpost of your choice (for Belgium only)

  • Orders are dispatched within four days following the order confirmation.

If you choose the Delivery options:

  • For deliveries in Belgium, delivery costs are on us for any order equal or exceeding €60! For orders below this amount, delivery costs are set at €5 per order (flat rate, whatever your order’s weight).

  • For deliveries in Metropolitan France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, delivery costs are set at €5 per order (flat rate, whatever your order’s weight).

  • For international deliveries (excluding Metropolitan France & the Benelux), delivery costs varies depending on the country of delivery. These costs will be calculated upon proceeding with checkout.

Additional taxes (in particular, customs duties) may apply depending on your delivery country and are at your charge. We invite you to get further information if needed at your local customs office.


Not happy with your order? No worries! You may return it free of charge* and request to be refunded, within 14 calendar days calculated from the day following the day on which you received your order.

* Free returns in Belgium only. For any other countries, returns costs will be at your charge. A flat rate of €5 applies to Metropolitan France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. For countries other than Metropolitan France and the Benelux, please contact us to know more about your return costs.

For any return, please send us an email beforehand at the following address: complete the return form received with your parcel (or available for download here) and follow the procedure specified within.

Item(s) must be returned as new, in its/their original packaging, in perfect state and together with the original invoice (of which we invite you to keep a copy), as well as the completed return form. We will proceed with the refund of the amount paid for the returned item(s), within 14 days from reception of your return parcel.








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